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Hello Hair World,
My name is Courtney "Cocoa Styles" Hawkins . I'm a master hairstylist and owner of  Cocoa Styles Hair Studio located in Baton Rouge, La. I've been in the cosmetology industry for over 9 years and I love what I do! Being able to take clients from one look to another is one of the most thrilling elements of my job. How I see it....hairstylists are not just for glitz and glamour, but also  someone to talk to and share things with. I want to provide my clients with an atmosphere that is both comfortable and relaxing; a place where u can let your haidown and begin a transformation .


         I'm a visionary when it comes to styling hair. I specialize in different weaving techniques and all phases of achieving healthy hair. I love setting trends and turning heads; a bad hair day is my blank canvas. Being able to create hair art is special to me and especially seeing my artistic measures around the community. I like to proclaim myself  "An architect of hair."  So if you're looking for the stylist that will bring out the inner sexy and sophisticated you, visit Cocoa Styles Hair Studio .




Can't wait to see you!!!


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